The Learning Center

My own philosophy is this: I can’t control everything I’m exposed to all day, every day. But if I can make small changes here and there, it adds up to a lot.

One of the commitments I made when I started my product line was to do everything I could to educate people about what they’re putting on their skin and hair. When I started doing my research, I discovered things that were downright scary. The typical drug store is filled with products that are made up of ingredients so commonplace, no one even thinks to question them. The FDA has approved these ingredients, so they must be safe, right?

Not exactly. And not always. Much of what you find in beauty and hair care products are chemicals that, in small amounts, are not considered harmful by the FDA. They’re inexpensive to produce, so manufacturers love them. And marketing campaigns focus your attention on benefits and dreams, and away from ingredients.

The problem with most of these ingredients is that they have a cumulative effect. A little bit of a particular ingredient on one day isn’t a big deal. But exposure to it daily, weekly, year after year, can be like a poison to your system. And when you add together all your daily beauty products with their vast array of questionable ingredients, what you have is a recipe for trouble.

This Learning Center is one way I’ve tried to honor my commitment to an overall healthier and better consumer. I’ve provided here, in one convenient place, a listing and description of some of the most harmful ingredients you should try and avoid, as well as a glossary of ingredients that may do you more harm than good.
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